The Safety, Health and Well Being of employees, business associates and the wider community is our first and foremost consideration. Health and Safety is integrated into every facet of our operations, commencing with initial job scoping and continuing through to project completion and final audits. Design feasibility, capabilities, (physical and human), project integration, project management, construction processes, training, certification and licences are all evaluated against company capabilities prior to acceptance or commencement of any works.

Our pinnacle goal is to have a constant safety culture that strives to attain zero harm and therefore, an incident and injury free workplace. This culture of safety also ensures our employees always consider the wellbeing of the wider community in and around our work sites. Our safety culture continuous improvement assurance commences with our initial company induction then continues through training plans, safe work practices, work instructions, Safe Work Method Statements, employee consultation, monitoring and reporting by qualified supervisors.

Our company mantra is Think Safe – Work Safe – Home Safe.