Vacuum excavation is now a modern solution for safely and visually negotiating the maze of underground infrastructure by enabling an exact location prior to any mechanical excavation techniques. The process is the combination of a positive displacement blower, producing a powerful vacuum and a high pressure water cutter. The rotating, high velocity jet of water is used to emulsify soil, sand and soft rocks. This emulsion or slurry is then transported via a vacuum hose to the truck mounted holding tank. This process provides a safe, low impact, non destructive excavation while being environmentally friendly leaving the work area clean. Pneu-DIG has a dedicated and experienced team of operators, performing a wide range of specialist activities.

These specialist activities are listed below

*  Underground utility services confirmation, location and identification

*  Underground utility services alignment surveys for project design purposes

*  Utility services pit cleaning incorporating confined space entry

*  Conduit cleaning, proving and stringing

*  Clean out of box drains and culverts

*  Clean out of storm water drains

*  Slurry removal from surface and pavement cutting

*  Removal of directional drilling waste

*  De-watering of non-hazardous liquid waste

*  Trench, joint hole and new service connection excavations.