Pneu-DIG are specialists working in and around restricted high risk energy infrastructure. As WCQA rated Energex contractors we have provided a service recognised as a safe solution for many complex underground electrical installation and maintenance issues within the restricted confines of electrical network assets. Our site operational staff members have undergone extensive training both internally and externally to gain Authorised Person recognition that permits us to work within the restricted zones of the Energex network . Training requirements are ongoing with recertification of various competencies scheduled in as needed to continue our culture of safety and continual improvement.

Specialist activities for restricted access are listed below

*  Excavation around live electrical apparatus.

*  Excavation around direct buried cables.

*  Excavation within an electrical substation.

*  Excavation around electrical service pillars.

*  Excavation around Pad mount Transformers.

*  Electrical pole to service pillar excavations.

*  Excavations around sensitive communications, water and gas infrastructure.

*  Excavations around sensitive heritage listed tree root systems