Straight line conduit installation utilising our innovative Pneu-Drill boring system is a safer, environmentally friendly and cost effective method for boring  under narrow roadways, driveways, footpaths, through embankments and under concrete slabs.

In favourable soil conditions, the Pneu-Drill system eliminates the engagement of multiple contractor activities and the need to supply costly materials for backfilling and re-instatement. The works can be carried out in a timeframe that better suits you and your clients with no unsightly hard surface re-instatements required and eliminates business interuption to interested parties.

Conventional trenchless technologies can be destructive and therefore require the pipe installation to be installed less favourably, out of standard service allignment.The Pneu-Drill system works in conjunction with our vacuum excavation process to effectively emulsify the soil and remove the mud slurry as the straight line bore is being made. Our Pneu-Drill system can be utilised to safely install conduits within the same allignment and immeditelly adjacent to sensitive high risk infrastructure.

The Pneu-Drill system plays an integral part of our onsite operations.