Pneu-DIG has an in-house, diverse  engineering, design and fabrication team providing services for Pneu-DIG projects and external clients. Our capabilities are based on extensive operational delivery experience within the vacuum excavation industry, civil and electrical construction industries. Pneu-DIG has manufactured its own Vacuum excavation vehicles from initial conceptual design, project management, engineering, fabrication to operational turnkey for commissioning. Our broad industry knowledge has allowed us to be the industry leaders in the manufacture of larger and more efficient vacuum excavation vehicle.

Our Pneu-Drill boring system is another example of our innovation to create from conceptual design through to manufacturing and commissioning a much needed tool for our onsite operations.

Pneu-DIG innovation has lead to the manufacture and supply of Electrical transformer misting systems. Our misting system uses a low volume of water to produce a high volume of pressurised fine droplet mist to move through the cooling fins on the transformer radiator. The pressure and water droplet size are critical to provide flash vaporisation and evaporation of these droplets within the confines of the radiator. The mist also cools the air within the radiators so that the combined action draws the heat from the fins.

Currently we have 30 misting systems in operation in major electrical infrastructure in South – East Queensland.

We are currently making headway into the Energy and Mining industry to offer our experience in finding  solutions for the treatment of slurry waste the bi-product of exploration, and offering a efficient and cost effective solution for the treatment of mud slurry