Pneu-DIG is defined by its unique strength to design and manufacture high quality, efficient and safe vacuum excavation vehicles with specialised associated equipment. Pneu-DIG delivers operational solutions to protecting complex underground infrastructure. Engagement of Pneu-DIG for underground utilities location and surveying at the initial design stage of your project can facilitate accurate planning for on time project delivery. This initial planning can greatly reduce project risk and eliminate costly utilities damage and significant resource and time delays.

The vacuum excavation process provides a safe, low impact, non destructive excavation while being environmentally friendly leaving the work area clean and tidy. Our services are not just limited to vacuum excavation. Our innovative approach has seen Pneu-DIG diversify into the mining sectors to assist with current environmental concerns.

Our services are utilised within the industries listed below

*  Energy, Power and Water

*  Civil Construction

*  Building and Construction

*  Mining

*  Surveying

*  Town planning