The R-T-S™ Process: How It Works

The R-T-S™ reagent chemically fixates heavy metal bearing wastes, stabilizes hydrocarbons and other organic and inorganic material while minimizing total solids volume. Additionally R-T-S™ reagents utilize super-absorbent-polymers to tie up water, which given drying time can evaporate away from the resulting matrix (providing up to a 50% volume reduction).

The R-T-S™ process has proven that it can convert liquid waste into more manageable solid waste for enhanced material handling and cost effective disposal. More efficient material handling translates to the elimination of liquid spill liability and the inherent cost of dealing with variable liquid streams. The R-T-S™ process is enabled by patent pending MetaFLO equipment which makes the process cost effective by optimizing reagent dosing and mixing.